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Towards an Effective Legislation Council

Towards an Effective Legislation Council

This report comes in the context of the ongoing monitoring of the work of the Palestinian Legislative Council during eight years of work representing two parliamentary periods under normal circumstances. It also aims to prepare for the general Palestinian elections, the preparation of the amended electoral law, and the Palestinian Legislative Council. 

In the context of this effort, a series of papers were adopted to activate the work of the Council, including the report submitted by the German international expert Dr. Rudolf Kappel, and the papers of the workshop held under the auspices of the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council entitled "Towards the Implementation of the Legislative Council's Performance in Legislation, Oversight and Public Policy Development", with the support of the Coalition for Accountability Integrity (AMAN) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Moreover, a number of its members, employees and researchers participated in Palestinian research institutions.

The report is available in Arabic only.

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