Reporting Integrity Concerns Against AMAN Coalition

AMAN Coalition is committed to providing clear channels and policies for reporting suspicions of corruption or issues related to integrity concerning the coalition's employees, including the Executive Director, or the Chair and members of the Board of Directors. AMAN Coalition ensures complete confidentiality and protection for whistleblowers against any repercussions for their efforts.


Concerning AMAN Coalition Employees

To report issues related to the integrity of AMAN Coalition employees, including the Executive Director, please contact the Advocacy and Legal Counseling Center via the following number or visit the coalition's headquarters:

Toll-Free Number: 1800 180 180

Address: Ramallah - Al-Irsal Street, Al-Masayef Neighborhood, Al-Reemawi Building, 1st Floor


Concerning the Chair and Board Members of AMAN Coalition

To report issues regarding the conduct of the Chair and Board members of AMAN Coalition, please contact the Internal Oversight Committee via the following emails:

Nour Odeh: [email protected]

Fuad Najjab: [email protected]


The complaint should include:

  • A summary of the facts related to the case.
  • Copies of all relevant documents. 
  • A clear reference to the ethical issue involved in the complaint.
  • Any evidence to support the facts and circumstances mentioned in the complaint.


For more information on AMAN Coalition's procedures for handling complaints, please refer to the Complaint Follow-up Procedures  . 


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