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Contact us
AMAN- Coalition for Accountability and Integrity
  • Ramallah, Irsal St, Remawi Building , 1st floor
  • +970 2 2974949 /+970 2 2989506
  • +970 2 2974948
  • [email protected]
Contact Aman - Ramallah
Executive Director
Isam Haj Hussein [email protected]
Operations Director
Hama Zeidan [email protected]
Financial & Administrative dept.
Nasser Mousa
Rami mousa [email protected]
Advocacy and Social Accountability Unit
Hama Zeidan [email protected]
Manager of Raising Awareness & Outreach Unit
Intesar Hamdan [email protected]
Senior Researcher
Jehad Harb [email protected]
M&E & Planning Manager
Lana Tawasha [email protected]
Consultant to AMAN's Board of Directors
Dr. Azmi Shu'aibi [email protected]
Gaza Office
  • AMAN- Coalition for Accountability and Integrity
  • Southern Rimal - Habboush St. - Sub of Martyrs St.
  • Dream Building - 3rd floor
  • +970 8 2884767
  • +970 8 2884766
Contact Aman - Ramallah
Gaza Office Director
Wa'el Ba'alousha [email protected]
Coordinator of Advocacy & Social Accountability Unit
Marwa Abo Awda [email protected]
Coordinator of Monitoring and Studies Unit
Hedaya Shamun [email protected]
Raising Awareness& outreach Unit Officer
Mahmoud Abed Al-Hadi [email protected]
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