Core program

AMAN Core Program- phase 7

AMAN Core Program- phase 7

Enhancing Integrity values, Transparency principles and Accountability methods in the Palestinian society


Strategic Objectives:

Strategic Objective (SO) 1: Promote community-based action in support of anti-corruption efforts and build the NIS


  1. Raise public awareness and interest in forms, causes and impact of corruption on citizens’ lives and future generations. To this end, a variety of campaigns will be organised by AMAN and partner CSOs or in cooperation with media outlets and educational institutions.
  2. Coordinate with and support relevant youth, media, student and civil society groups to raise community awareness and improve community accountability.
  3. Host or take part in community coalitions to exert influence on decision-makers and adopt relevant recommendations submitted by AMAN and its partners.
  4. Mainstream anti-corruption into CSOs work strategies, particularly in targeted sectors and priority areas.
  5. Develop periodic studies and surveys on citizens’ awareness of their rights, causes and impact of corruption, and motivation to report corrupt practices.

Results framework

​​​​​​​ Citizens are more aware of the promotion of integrity, fight against corruption and accountability for public performance

Embracing the promotion of integrity and fight against corruption in their strategies, CSOs are qualified and participate in the oversight of public performance 

Palestinian media is empowered to control public performance and take part in the anti-corruption effort

University and general education curricula incorporate concepts of the principles of transparency, values of integrity, systems of accountability, causes and impact of corruption


SO2: Promote the values of integrity, principles of transparency, systems of accountability and fight against corruption in public administration, public financial management, and service provision to the Palestinian public


  1. Provide support and technical assistance to diagnose the work environment of public institutions, LGUs and business sector, including the current status of the integrity and anti-corruption system in respective operations.
  2. Provide support to local and national initiatives and coalitions which work towards holding the central government, LGUs and CSOs to account for service delivery, regulatory activity, implementation of strategies, and transparent budgets and procurement processes.
  3. Monitor the transparency of, and prevent squandering or encroaching on, the public budget.
  4. Provide periodic monitoring of the integrity and anti-corruption system at the national level and in specific sectors, devise proposed solutions, and offer policy advice.



Adopt measures to ensure promoting the integrity and anti-corruption system at line ministries and non-ministerial government bodies which deliver public services

Adopt recommendations on procedures and policies to promote official control over private sector operations and eliminate conflict of interests

Work environment at LGUs is immune against corruption

Stakeholders adopt practical procedures and systems to enhance budget and public financial management


SO3: Consolidate efforts to expose corruption and corrupt individuals and prevent impunity by justice sector actors and law enforcement agencies


  1. Scale up the production of knowledge of political integrity indicators.
  2. Support and host interventions by effective national coalitions to monitor the efficiency and independence of justice sector and oversight bodies.
  3. Support national efforts to implement SDG 16 (Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels).


Mid-term results

Adopt legislation and processes in support of the NIS and efforts to expose corruption, prevent impunity and promote political integrity

SO4: Develop the institutional and organizational performance of Aman Coalition  to fulfil its mission, vision and national, international and Arab partnerships, and to respond efficiently and effectively to emerging priorities


  • Implement AMAN’s Financial Sources Recruitment Strategy.
  • Reinvigorate the capacity building programme for AMAN staff.
  • Sign long-term agreements with national experts to produce and disseminate relevant information.
  • Developing regulatory, administrative and financial structures and policies to promote AMAN’s capacity to effectively and efficiently cope with and respond to new priorities as well as national, regional and international obligations.
  • Providing continuous publicity of AMAN’s readiness to support individual and community initiatives to immunise the integrity and anti-corruption system at local and national levels.

Supporting the initiatives taken by AMAN and its local and international partners to respond to new priorities, which bear influence on integrity and anti-corruption efforts, particularly in areas that are not completely aligned with our lines of activity within the other three courses of change

Mid-term results

Financial and human sustainability needed to achieve AMAN’s strategic objectives are available

AMAN is a think tank and source of information on fight against corruption, and integrity systems are built at national, Arab and international levels

Broad and active participation of AMAN’s management in policy making, guidance, and internal accountability

Effective institutional mechanisms, empowering citizens as well as Palestinian and international institutions to implement emergency/ rapid response activities and initiatives to promote integrity and fight against corruption at the local level

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