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AMAN-Transparency Palestine

AMAN was established in 2000 as a civil society organization that seeks to combat corruption and promote integrity, transparency and accountability in the Palestinian society.  The Coalition was first formed by an initiative from a number of civil society organizations working in the field of democracy, human rights and good governance. In 2006, the Coalition was accredited as a national chapter for Transparency International.

AMAN is a Palestinian think tank and a specialized body providing knowledge on corruption at the local and regional level through producing specialized reports and studies.  The periodic publications include: The annual Integrity and Anti-Corruption Report, the annual Palestinian Integrity Index and the National Integrity System studies and reports, in addition to the Coalition's continued contributions to produce reports and studies on the status of corruption in the Arab region.

As part of the global anti-corruption movement - and of international alliances and partnerships with relevant specialized coalitions and organizations - AMAN plays a key role in the transfer and contextualization of necessary international knowledge and tools to combat corruption in all sectors.





A Palestinian society free of corruption


Mobilize efforts to promote integrity and combat corruption

Strategic Objectives
  • Promote community-based action in support of anti-corruption efforts and build the NIS
  • Promote the values of integrity, principles of transparency, systems of accountability and fight against corruption in public administration, public financial management, and service provision to the Palestinian public
  • Consolidate efforts to expose corruption and corrupt individuals and prevent impunity by justice sector actors and law enforcement agencies
  • Develop the institutional and organizational performance of Aman Coalition  to fulfil its mission, vision and national, international and Arab partnerships, and to respond efficiently and effectively to emerging priorities
Work Strategies
  •   Adopting a positive, participatory approach with the various partners from the public and civil society sectors
  •  Focusing on the causes, manifestations and devastating effects of corruption
  •    Adopting an independent, non-biased and professional approach in the implementation of our activities
  •  Encouraging public participation in activities that combat corruption and promote an environment of anti-corruption
Coalition Member
  • Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy – Miftah
  • Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy – Muwatin
  • Al- Mezan- Center for Human Rights
  • Palestinian Trade Center – Pal-Trade
  • Council of Foreign Relations (Gaza)
  • Faisal Husseini Foundation
  • Social Developmental Forum (SDF)
  • Number of individual activists in the field of good governance and combating corruption
AMAN’s Resource Center

The center provides local and regional studies, surveys, research and projects dealing with corruption, in addition to other international resources. The center serves AMAN’s coalition members and staff, researchers, decision makers, university students, the local community and the Palestinian public as a whole.

AMAN Membership in Regional and International Networks

1. UNCAC Coalition

2. No Impunity Task Force Campaign

3. Affiliated network for social accountability (ANSA)

4. Arab Parlimantarians Againist Corruption (ARPAC)

5. Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET)

House of Expertise and Continuous Learning

Aman adopts a sustainable strategy aims to build its capability in the field of combating corruption as a local house of expertise, and it contributes in transferring and exchanging its experience with other chapters of transparency international in the different countries and especially in the Arab Region to end up corruption in the governments, business society and civil society.

Affiliated Pressure Networks
  • NGO’s Against Corruption
  • Journalists for Integrity and Transparency
  • Palestinian Parliamentarians against Corruption
  • Friends of the United Nations Convention against Corruption
Yearly Events

Transparency Festival:
An event is held in commemoration of Anti-corruption International Day, which falls on December 9th of each year, in which AMAN honors the whistleblowers on corruption whether men or women by giving integrity awards for the four sectors: public sector & local bodies, media sector, best student research, shareholding companies certificate.

AMAN’ Annual Conference:
An annual conference that is held to present AMAN’s annual corruption report. The report sheds light on corruption in the Palestinian society and illustrates the efforts exerted in combating corruption during the year including effectiveness of legislations, procedures and political will to hold those accused of corruption accountable. The locally developed corruption index for public institutions, results of opinion polls, published research and reports on corruption constitute the bases for the data collection and analysis of the abovementioned corruption report.

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