General Assembly


Mr. Mohammad Abdelqader HusseinBoard ChairpersonMiftah
Dr. Hanan AshrawiBoard MemberMiftah
Dr. Lily FeidyBoard MemberMiftah
Dr. Ghassan KhatibMemberMiftah
Dr. Azmi ShuaibiMemberMiftah
Dr. Kamal El-SharafiDeputy Board ChairpersonAL-Mezan Center
Mr. Issam YounisMemberAL-Mezan Center
Mr. Talal OkalMemberAL-Mezan Center
Dr. Ali ZeidanMemberAL-Mezan Center
Ms. Andalib ShehadehMemberAL-Mezan Center
Dr. George GiacamanMemberMuwatin
Dr. Najwa ErshaidMemberMuwatin
Dr. Mostafa BarghouthiMemberMuwatin
Dr. Reema HamamiMemberMuwatin
Dr. Mamdooh AlakerMemberMuwatin
Dr. Mohammed Abbas Abdel HaqBoard MemberThe Arab Thought Forum (ATF)
Mr. Abdel Rahman Abu ArafehMemberThe Arab Thought Forum (ATF)
Mr. Azam Abu Al SouadMemberThe Arab Thought Forum (ATF)
Mr. Salah SaqqaMemberThe Arab Thought Forum (ATF)
Mr. Ma'moun Abu ShahlaMemberPalestine Trade Center
Mr. Samir HoulailaBoard MemberPalestine Trade Center
Mr. Faisal Al-ShawaMemberPalestine Trade Center
Ms. Hanan RayyanBoard MemberPalestine Trade Center
Mr. Iyadi JoudehMemberPalestine Trade Center
Dr. Mohamed NasrMemberIndividual Membership
Dr. Firas MilhemMemberIndividual Membership
Dr. Waled HammamiMemberIndividual Membership
Ms. Nebras BsaisoMemberIndividual Membership
Mr. Yasser amoriMemberIndividual Membership




  • Activity Report for 2018
  • Annual Opinion Poll on the Reality of Corruption and Anti-Corruption Efforts in Palestine
  • State of Integrity and Combating Corruption 2018
  • Country Review Report of the state of Palestine on the implementation of Chapters II and ...
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