Current projects

Legal & Advice Centre, ALAC


In 2009, the Coalition for Integrity and Accountability-AMAN launched the Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (ALAC). The project implemented by this center aims at combating corruption through providing support and legal advice to victims, witnesses of corruption and whistleblowers in order to help in holding people accountable for their actions as well as guarantee protection for whistle-blowers by the concerned organizations.

ALAC relies on the fact that people are motivated to fight corruption and are willing to participate in this mission if they are armed with simple, credible and viable information and mechanisms to do so.

Direct objectives

1. Offer support, assistance, protection and advocacy for victims of corruption. 
2. Offer support and legal advice, upon request, regarding reporting of corruptions acts.
3. Offer support and legal advice, upon request, to avoid being part of a corruption acts.

Our Aspirations

AMAN, through the Center, aspires to enable citizens and institutions to report and follow up with corruption-related complaints.  Furthermore, it assists them to translate these interests into structural changes such as modifying management procedures and work systems that provide corruption opportunities. In addition, AMAN aims at inducing change in people's attitudes and to strengthen their will and desire to report corrupt behavior, as one major element in the fight against corruption. Moreover, it seeks to advocate and build social pressure on decision makers to adopt legislations and policies that would contribute to the protection of whistleblowers.

Target Groups

All institutions and Individuals in the Palestinian society who witnessed or are victims of corruption.

Contact us

To file a complaint, or receive legal advice, call this toll-free number (1800180180) or at the following website address: 

Visitors are welcomed five days a week, Monday through Thursday and on Saturdays, from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM at the following address:
Al-Rimawi Building, 1 floor- Al-Irsal St., al-Masayef neighborhood, Ramallah.