Advocacy and Legal Advice Center

The Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre, ALAC, is an integral part of AMAN – Transparency-International, Palestine. The Advocacy Centre differs from other supporting projects to AMAN’s core program, because of its direct contact with the people of various educational, cultural, economic and social backgrounds. The Centre provides Palestinian citizens with an easy and simple instrument to get involved in the process of fighting corruption through its services including awareness-raising and free legal advice. This is after it receives inquiries and cases from citizens and various organizations that are suspected of corruption.

It also follows up these cases and matters with the concerned parties, which in turn are responsible for investigating and verifying the received information regarding the case. In particular, the Centre works on supporting the victims and whistleblowers by various means, such as support and legal advice, in addition of following up their cases with official parties.  

ALAC aspires to make a change in the issue of management by strengthening the values of integrity, transparency and systems of accountability, in order to limit various types of corruption and reinforce the culture of whistle-blowing on corruption cases as one of the major methods for fighting it. This is in addition to protecting whistleblowers, a fact that supports Palestine –TI’s capacity to pressure for adopting legislations and policies that contribute to fighting corruption.   The Centre provides free services to everybody, and it can be reached via its hotline: 1800 180 180, through office visits, or emails. ALAC is careful to safeguard the confidentiality of information provided by the various parties, whether citizens or organizations. It is careful not to reveal the names of those who provide information, if this is what they request, with the exception of official complaints, which requires that the name of the complainant be revealed


أرسل شكوى اطلب استشارة



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