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AMAN to PM: Assistance Will Reach its Intended Beneficiaries

AMAN to PM: Assistance Will Reach its Intended Beneficiaries

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al Hamdallah, the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity–AMAN stressed the urgency of establishing the legal framework required for an integrated Palestinian welfare system. AMAN’s recommendations were based on a report it produced on cash assistance paid by the Ministry of Social Affairs. AMAN recommends the approval of a social welfare law appropriate to the current dire economic situation, brought about as the price of attempts to maintain the independence of Palestinian decision making. This issue should be regarded as national priority to ensure a minimum of decent living conditions for the destitute and those living in poverty.

AMAN also highlighted the impact of a dedicated system for humanitarian aid based on Article 4 of the Ministry of Social Affairs Law No 14, 1956. The system would ensure that cash assistance is given to the actual beneficiaries targeted and would avoid wasting public money as an unintentional weakness in the program. A significant proportion of the cash assistance is covered by the general budget. AMAN also referred to the significance of adopting a binding mechanism to achieve coordination between all the stakeholders (governmental, non-governmental, and international entities).

Finally, AMAN believes that the best indication of government interest in the problem of humanitarian aid is to authorize the relevant authorities to provide the cash assistance due to the destitute and poor families on a regular basis

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