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AMAN signs a memorandum of cooperation with the PBC

AMAN signs a memorandum of cooperation with the PBC

This project was carried out with the support of the European Union.

The Coalition for Integrity and Coalition (AMAN) signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the Palestine Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) with the presence of representatives of the two sides. This step comes within AMAN’s efforts to build good governance and reinforcing the national system of integrity. It also aims to institutionalize the relation and cooperation in offering support in investing energies and uniting efforts for an effective contribution in combatting corruption.

The signing of the agreement came following several meetings between representatives of the PBC and AMAN resulting in establishing the basics and criteria of cooperation and partnership within the program “Combatting corruption through building national integrity systems in the Arab world”. It was also an expression of political will to improve the level of the relationship between the two sides and their partnership which reflects on the work of PBC and its relation with citizens and other social sides.

Dr. Azmi Shuaibi - AMAN's Commissioner for Combating Corruption, welcomed the signing of this agreement and expressed its importance for both AMAN and the PBC considering that PBC is an official Palestinian media institution that reflects the Palestinian public opinion. He added that media is a means of social monitoring and an important tool in combatting corruption and protecting the society from its negative impacts. Dr. Shuaibi also expressed AMAN’s desire to offer continuous support through establishing behavior bulletins, developing systems and work procedures.

Mr. Abdel Qader al Husseini, the chairperson of AMAN’s board of directors, presented a perception of the domains of cooperation such as developing a group of evidence and systems to enhance the system of integrity, transparency and combatting corruption. He praised the work of the PBC from programs and news, and stressed on the role of media in the Palestinian society in general and in combatting corruption in particular.

The chairman of the board of director of the PBC, the Minister Riyad al Hasan, thanked the staff of AMAN for their efforts and their ongoing support. He stated that the PBC is ready to facilitate means of cooperation to contribute in reinforcing the culture of integrity, transparency and accountability among new journalists in addition to developing evidence and procedures followed currently by the PBC to implement values of integrity, transparency and accountability.

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