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AMAN: Israeli parties are responsible for encouraging corruption and protecting corrupted people

AMAN: Israeli parties are responsible for encouraging corruption and protecting corrupted people

AMAN says that some Israeli parties are responsible for encouraging corruption and protecting corrupted Palestinian persons who work in the Palestinian National Authority territories and hold the identity of living in Jerusalem after the Palestinian police had arrested the accused fugitive from justice "MA" as the main suspect and the first to be accused in a network for customs fraud of  used cars imported after he entered Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate.

Investigation is underway with other suspects in the public sector and the case is still in investigation by the Prosecution of Combating Corruption .The information leaked from the Ministry of Finance that there are many fraud operations were done through mafia external marketing stolen cars which are brought to the Palestinian lands through the crossings controlled by Israel .
Dr. Azmy Al-Shuaiby  Aman Commissioner for combating corruption and the member of the International Transparency accused Israel of encouraging corruption by exercising personal and political pressure on the Palestinian Authority to release the defendants despite that the suspect in this case "MA" who works as a trader lives in Ramallah .Al-Shuaiby mentioned that Israel has many precedents in protecting corruption and impunity and some features of corruption crossing the borders which include corrupted persons and things and in particular using the settlements as square cells to wash materials corrupt.  

A Statement for the Anti-Corruption Commission

A statement for the Anti-Corruption Commission today mentioned that the Commission seriously considers the circumstances of the case of the suspended pending investigation in a corruption case followed by the Commission .The Commission confirms that the release of the detainee was without its knowledge or consent  considering that contrary to law and accordingly the Commission began an investigations in the circumstances of this matter with the parties concerned with confirmation that the Commission is continuing its own investigations and will not tolerate with law enforcement at anyone on the Palestinian lands .The Commission considers the accused fugitive from justice and would not yield to obstacles or pressures  whatever its origin as an obligation to apply the principle of the rule of  law on the Palestinian lands.   

Israel threatens the Head of the Anti-Corruption Commission

The Anti-Corruption Commission confirmed that the Head of the Commission Rafiq Al-Natsheh had received a threaten with arrest from the Authority of the Israeli Occupation unless the defendants are released who are suspended pending investigation in a corruption case on charges of falsifying documents and seals concerning cars customs .The Commission indicated in a press release adherence to the law until the end of the investigation with all suspects irrespective of the identity they hold whether they hold the Palestinian identity  card or the holders of Jerusalem identity card and that law applies to all Palestinian citizens  

Control Bureau :Absence of control

The results of the initial report of the State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau last month related to fraud in the customs of some cars  have shown weakness and imbalance in the regulations and in the administrative and technical procedures with absence of the control procedures in the concerned departments and the absence of coordination and communication between the two administrations .

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AMAN issued specialized report in the year 2011 about integrity ,transparency and accountability in the process of importing and licensing used vehicles .