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End of Augusta Victoria Hospital (Al-Motala) Crisis

End of Augusta Victoria Hospital (Al-Motala) Crisis

As a result of the debts accumulated by the Palestinian government in favor of Jerusalem
hospitals, headed by Al-Makased Hospital and Al-Motala Hospital, Dr. Jawad Awad, Minister of
Health has stated the end of Al-Motala hospital crisis, in which it has been agreed on accepting
transferred patients at the hospital.
It has been agreed to resolve all issues in cooperation with the Minister of Finance, Dr.Shukri
Bshara in the nearest time.
On May 4th, 2017 the Ministry of Health issued a statement accusing Al Makassed Islamic
Charitable Society Hospital Jerusalem, Augusta Victoria Hospital and non-governmental
organizations of claiming that the Ministry of Health is not interested in Jerusalem, and using
the media as a tool to address the issue instead of directly heading the Ministry, whereas the
Ministry has rejected such act as it does not serve the interests of the Ministry of Health nor the
Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry’s statement was issued a day after a meeting held by AMAN coalition over the
debts of Jerusalem institutions on the Palestinian government, calling for resolutions to solve
the accumulation of debts on hospitals and ensure their ability to provide services, as well as
raising the amount of the governments debts to cover the debts of the hospitals.
AMAN’s Executive Director, Majdi Abu Zaid, the Coalition praises the agreement between the
government and hospitals and the need to ensure the continuous flow of funds to hospitals in

Moreover, Mr.Majdi Abu Zaid emphasized that the coalition will continue to monitor overall
performance and accountability over relevant bodies in managing the public money and affairs
and will resort to the media to present all topics discussed by the citizens in complete

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