2013 Activities

"I can’t imagine a Palestine without AMAN”, shared the Head of Mission of the Netherlands Representative Office in Palestine

"I can’t imagine a Palestine without AMAN”, shared the  Head of Mission of the Netherlands Representative Office in Palestine

AMAN held its annual donor consortuim-board of directors meeting on June 10th, 2013 in Ramallah to share recent political developments in Palestine, the corruption and anti-corruption context, AMAN's key achievements of 2012, and the signing of another three year partnership agreement between AMAN and the donor consortium (including governments of Netherlands, Norway and Luxembourg) supporting AMAN' Phase 5 Core Program which starts June 1st, 2013.

Dr. Ashrawi, chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity –AMAN opened the annual Donor Consortium-Board of Directors (BoD) meeting with welcoming words. She shared that despite the challenges stemming from internal, external, and regional developments, AMAN’s mission continues to be in alignment with the national aim of an independent state characterized with rule of law, good governance and corruption free.
The chairperson shared that the internal division between Fateh and Hamas, the absence of elections and the oppressive situation in Gaza all contribute to a situation that weakens the reconciliation of our system which negatively impacts the government’s legitimacy. She shared that during the era of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, great strides towards rule of law; good governance and anti-corruption were taken and major achievements were made despite the chaos and challenges that were present.
Dr. Shu’aibi, AMAN’s commissioner for combating corruption, briefed all present on the corruption and anti-corruption context emphasizing that political will is key in combating corruption. Among several factors that are challenges in the fight against corruption in Palestine are the: 1) absence of elections, 2) weakening of judiciary system, and 3) presence of two governments.

Ghada, AMAN’s executive director, started her presentation by thanking NRO, NOR and Luxembourg for their support of AMAN. She shared that AMAN is at a transition point to a grassroots result based organization. Among the key achievements in 2012 are the following:

 AMAN continued to provide polling data,  solid information and research related to    corruption issues in Palestine
 Partnership with the Ministry of Interior led to work with the security apparatus and bringing down the walls with this challenging target group
 Advocacy and lobbying work continued related to the public budget transparency
       AMAN engaged the Islamic Waqf in fighting corruption, and PAAC has replicated this   initiative
 AMAN continued building the capacity of public institutions, private sector and civil society on anti-corruption
 It empowered NGOs in their role in increasing awareness in corruption and anti-    corruption by outsourcing
 AMAN continued its innovative work with public schools and universities
 ALAC continued to be an effective strategy receiving more contacts and complaints filed.   The CPV will target more females encouraging them in filing complaints when     appropriate
 12 Codes of Conduct were adopted by local councils in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
 Jointly develop the CoC adopted by the General Personnel Bureau
 Palestinian Capital Market Authority (PMA) CoC will be adopted soon which was jointly    developed with AMAN. As a member of the corporate governance committee, AMAN    participated in monthly meetings during development of the
 AMAN’s work in the Gaza Strip is being discussed internally to strengthen it
 Cabinet resolution to cancel security check as a result of AMAN and other organization’s  work although announcement made within days after AMAN’s conference.
 Resolutions made during local elections as AMAN monitored elections and is a member of the Central Elections Committee
 New system developed related to political prisoners family support post hearing    sessions involving many complaints related to nepotism, favoritism and Wasta
 Two cabinet resolutions were made related to appointments and promotion of public officials
 AMAN participated in regional and international meetings and conferences sharing its work in curriculum work in universities. This in addition to sharing a paper on political corruption. AMAN will lead in depth discussions during workshops and  will participate in Transparency International (TI) design of interventions in the MENA region related to this.
 Towards a smooth transition of AMAN to result based organization, AMAN has trained    personnel, collected data for baselines, developed it new strategy based on results,    created result based operational manuals, and a monitoring and evaluation matrix for its strategy

Mrs. Tazelaar, the NRO head of mission thanked AMAN for its efforts, and expressed that the donor consortium are proud donors in supporting AMAN. Furthermore, she added that she vividly remembers when AMAN was founded and how it is unthinkable to imagine a Palestine without AMAN. Mrs. Tazelaar shared that the donors have concerns as well with the new political developments.