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Civil Society Organizations Statement over Local Elections

Civil Society Organizations Statement over Local Elections

The civil society organizations welcomed the decision of the Palestinian Cabinet regarding the
date of local elections on 13/5/2017 in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, in accordance with
the Local Authorities Elections Law No. 10 of 2005, without any amendments to the electoral

In this context, the signatory organizations emphasize the following:

1. Affirms its attachment to the political and geographic unity of the Palestinian people and the
necessity of holding elections in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank at the same time and
uniformly as an expression of its adherence to the democratic option and the unity of the
homeland and rejection of division. It calls upon all parties, including Hamas, to review its
position and agree to start Local elections on schedule.

2. Supports the existence of a specialized court for election issues along the lines of the special
court for general election issues (presidential and legislative), to be composed of impartial and
far-reaching judges from political rivalries and alignments and the effects of double judicial

3. Affirms that the CEC enjoys respect and national consensus as an implementing body and
supervising the electoral process.

4. Demands that all political forces and parties and public figures stop and refrain from
campaigns of incitement and mutual media work collectively to create a positive atmosphere
and the maintenance of public freedoms that facilitate the holding of elections and with the
participation of all Palestinians.

5. Hope that the elections will be held on time, and the signatory organizations will work with
all their efforts to overcome the obstacles.

For any further information, please contact:
Dr. Taleb Awad 0595940020
Mr.Majdi Abu Zaid 0592800055

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