2013 Activities

AMAN ended a training on Writing Success Stories

AMAN ended a training on  Writing Success Stories

Coalition for Accountability & Integrity (AMAN) ended a training on “ Writing Success Stories” on Saturday April, 6,2013 for his Ramallah & Gaza staff.

The training aimed to improve the capacity of staff in archiving and writing efficient success stories, through the combination of theoretical and practical practices.

The training had been executed by Mr. Khalid Nabris, a trainer and expert in civil society work, who had professional skills in transferring the information to participants, who gave the opportunity to participants to discuss and analyze stories based on their practical experience.

This training was one of the planned trainings that the Coalition will be executing during 2013, to improve its staff performance towards achieving its goals.

At the end of the training , all participants had agreed on the importance of this training in enriching their expertise  and knowledge in the field of writing success stories.