2013 Activities

AMAN announced the 7th Integrity Award

AMAN announced the 7th Integrity Award

The Coalition for Integrity and Accountability “AMAN” and for the seventh year, proudly announces the nominations for the integrity award 2013 for all the categories.

-         Public Sector and local bodies.

-         Media Sector.

-         Best Research.

-         Public Shareholding Companies (Private Sector).

AMAN seeks to encourage Palestinian citizens as individuals and institutions to stand up against corruption and fight all aspects of corruption by reporting these acts whether they witnessed or fell as a victim to corruption practices. AMAN gives an annual financial award for those workers who contributed in fighting corruption in the public sector or local bodies, media sector, in addition to granting an integrity certificate to public shareholding companies who adopt good governance in their work line as well as best research in anti corruption topics award. The Winners are honored annually at a ceremony held by AMAN on the occasion of International Anti Corruption Day, the ninth of December of each year.

AMAN launches a promotional campaign every year to motivate the citizens to be a part in fighting corruption by participating in the nominations. Through the formation of a technical and experts team for each award from local experts and specialists, the applications and criteria’s are being evaluated and studied and the winners nominations are reviewed by the jury committee (from the West Bank and Gaza Strip) and winners are awarded in the annual Transparency Festival