2021 Activity

AMAN and Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission celebrate completion of the Local Government Unit Empowerment Programme

AMAN and Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission celebrate completion of the Local Government Unit Empowerment Programme

Ramallah – In partnership with the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC), the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) celebrated the successful completion of the Local Government Unit (LGU) Empowerment Programme, which highlighted the need to promote community engagement in the preparation of estimated budgets and monitoring of municipal actual expenditure. To this avail, a procedure manual was developed to incorporate the principles of governance, transparency, and integrity into LGU planning and budgeting processes.

Mr. Issam Haj Hussein, AMAN Executive Director, asserted that “local government is among the key sectors that experience major challenges, mainly the Israeli occupation and budget deficits.” In Palestinian society, the phenomenon of familism also impacts municipal functions. Hussein made clear that these challenges require the strengthening and concerting of official, civil society, and community efforts to ensure a transparent distribution of limited resources and fair division of labour. Hussein stressed the importance of the partnership with the PACC in developing and implementing the LGU Empowerment Programme.

Mr. Jamal al-Naqqash, PACC Deputy Director, explained that “the programme is a significant, strategic project that can be built upon.” It falls within the framework of implementing the National Cross-cutting Strategy for Integrity and Fight against Corruption. Mr. Al-Naqqash also stated that trainees gained considerable experience, which would contribute to, and positively reflect on, their direct relationships with the public as well as the quality of service provision.

Al-Naqqash expressed his thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the programme. “The PACC seeks to reach out to Palestinian society from across the spectrum in order to promote the system of transparency, integrity, and accountability,” he concluded.

Ms. Intesar Hamdan, Director of Awareness Raising and Community Outreach, AMAN, reviewed key recommendations and findings of the programme. Participants stressed the need for similar workshops to raise the competence of LGU staff to strengthen the governance system and contribute to preventing the risk of corruption.

Worth of note is that the LGU Empowerment Programme targeted 11 central municipalities in northern, central, and southern West Bank. Involving 95 participants, the programme was designed to empower and provide capacity building to LGU staff, reinforce the values of integrity, transparency, and accountability, improve anti-corruption measures, and raise awareness of the importance of the fight against corruption.

At the close of the celebration, a film produced by the PACC premiered, featuring the LGU Empowerment Programme as well as its objectives and content. Certificates were also awarded to participants.