2016 Activities

AMAN Coalition and Al-Hayat Center Form a Coalition to Monitor Local Elections

AMAN Coalition and Al-Hayat Center Form a Coalition to Monitor Local Elections

The work group named “Muwatanati fi Musharakti” (literally translated into: my citizenship is in my participation) began to form teams to monitor the process for local elections scheduled to be held next month (October 2016) in the West Bank and Gaza. The task is executed in a joint partnership between AMAN and Al-Hayyat Center for Development after recognition by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Center as a local monitoring body.

In order for the monitoring teams to be accredited by the CEC, 25 students selected from the law and media departments of Al-Najah University to undergo training on monitoring local elections.  The training was designed to prepare and qualify them to monitor violations in the form of reports that will affect the course of the electoral process. This is in addition to their role in ensuring integrity and transparency of the procedures and practices during all stages of the electoral process until final results are announced. Their role also included monitoring anfd follow-up on all or any subsequent judicial ruling/s as a result of any appeals made on decisions of the CEC.

Campaign coordinator, Kayed Tanbour said that it is important that civil society monitors elections since it aims at adding the characteristic of transparency and integrity to the electoral process.  It also aims at providing related parties with comments and observations on the course of the process, in addition to decisions taken by the CEC.
Tanbour also said that AMAN and Al-Hayyat Center seek , through their activities and campaigns, to raise citizens’ voice in order to ensure the right and freedom to participate in the management of affairs of his/her society.

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