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The voice of women on their day... Big "NO" to corruption

The voice of women on their day... Big "NO" to corruption

Since corruption does not distinguish between men, women, children or adults, fighting corruption becomes an obligation for all members in the Palestinian society. The effects of corruption reach to all aspects including thelevel of services provided to citizens, where women aremost affected by corruption, which limits their access to the right to get various services, such as education, health and other vital services.
In Palestine, the occupation and corruption are two sides of the same coin. The Palestinian women were historically present, and still are, in the struggle against occupation, and nowadays the Palestinian women are strongly present in the fight againstcorruption, and theircall: "No to Corruption" hasa weight.
On the International Women’s Day, AMAN is a strong believer in the rights of Palestinian women in equality and a decent life. These rights get achieved by ending occupation and fighting and eliminating corruption in order to bring justice to the Palestinians in general and Palestinian women in particular.AMAN believes that achieving these rights requires:

  • Providing job opportunities based on competence and the principle of equal opportunities according to the Law, in order to ensure respect for the right of citizens to hold senior positions, regardless of theirpolitical orientation, color or gender, and forming a supreme national committee to ensure this.
  • Adopting an austerity plan that rationalizes expenditure of public funds and prohibiting wasting it due to corruption since this waste leads to a relative fall back in the share of health and education from the Public Budget. This had a direct negative impact on women, being the largest part of the population in demand of these services.
  • Adoption of the minimum wage Law, which is the basic guarantee of a decent living for low-income earners.
  • Ensuringlaw enforcement and respect its independence to guarantee that no impunity for any perpetrators of Public money waste or corruption crimes.
  • Calling on all civil and governmental authorities to support the endorsement of policies that prevent women from falling victims of corruption, by increasing their representation in public senior positions and decision-making positions, taking gender into consideration in employment, job rotation and promotions, and considering the crime of sexual harassment in public jobs as a corruptioncrime.

On this day, AMAN takes the opportunity to extend its sincere greetings for every Palestinian woman for her important role in society at all levels and areas, and her true partnership with men, to be practically half of the society away from the slogans.


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