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We Yearn for a Corruption-free Palestine

We Yearn for a Corruption-free Palestine

AMAN Coalition for Accountability and Integrity has finished the integrity camps under the slogan “We Yearn for a Corruption-free Palestine” as an integral part of the program “Children and Youth Play and Learn to Pave the Path to a Corruption-free Society”, which was implemented in partnership with the Save Youth Future Society at Farah Centers (i.e. child-friendly spaces) in Gaza Strip.

The camps were designed to instill positive values in the targeted children through creative activities, including: storytelling, songs, popular Zajal, drama, creative writing, pedagogical games and art activities. All these creative activities were utilized to instill the values and principles of integrity and transparency, the maintenance of public money and nepotism and favoritism resistance in the children. Furthermore, the activities have accentuated the role of children and youth in promoting such values.

AMAN’s team of volunteers, who had been received a specialized training course on anti-corruption concepts and camp facilitation techniques, transfigured their competence into entertaining and educational activities, and they seamlessly linked the activities with the reality the children cope with.

The camps targeted 130 children (i.e. males and females) between 10-14 years. The children were divided into two camps. First camp was held at the Woman Beach Center, while the other was held at al-Husam Educational Center in Gaza city center. Each camps lasted for six days. The target group represented a sample of the most affected groups by the surrounding environment, thus one of the most critically important tasks was to equip them with the values of transparency and integrity.

It is also noteworthy that AMAN had previously targeted a large number of children through facilitating similar activities.

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