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Appointments and promotions in the Gaza Strip

Appointments and promotions in the Gaza Strip

The study focuses on the ambiguity in the legal texts referred to by the legal system related to appointments and promotions for senior positions, especially the Basic Law, as amended, and the Palestinian Civil Service Law No. 4 of 1998, as amended by Law No. 4 of 2005, (8) of 2005 and other related laws.

The study also attempts to address the problem of the absence of a transparent and fair system to set the standards and controls for appointment and supervision of senior positions.

Recommendation of the study: 

1. The decision should be made by the Palestinian Cabinet in cooperation with competent ministers. 

2. Competence of the Head of the Palestinian National Authority in appointments and promotion in senior positions. 

3. The Civil service law No. (4) year 1998 amended year 2005 did not provide the mechanisms in appointments and promotions. 

4. Promotions in the Military service were stated by law and the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Fathi Hamad year 2013 No.24

5. Regulations on appointments and promotions in senior positions shall be set by the competent Minister. 

6. Lack of appointments and promotion mechanisms and regulations in the civil service. 


The report is available in Arabic only.


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