Annual Corruption Reports

Integrity and Combating Corruption 2009 - Procedures and Measurements

Integrity and Combating Corruption 2009 - Procedures and Measurements

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity AMAN issues an annual report to monitor the developments in the area of integrity system and anti-corruption efforts over the course of a year, highlighting the most important forms of corruption. The aim of the report is to document and monitor the state of integrity and anti-corruption efforts, and to formulate recommendations that would assist decision makers in adopting anti-corruption procedures and measures.
This report focuses on the system of integrity, transparency and accountability in management of public affairs, by employing a scientific methodology that relies on data collection from different sources and the analysis of the collected data, and making recommendations for interested parties, all related information and was collected through the following:

1. Substantive Database: such data is conducted through documented reality practices, or through practical experiences through:

• Holding interviews with senior officers experiences in different work positions to collect first-hand information.

• Records from both private and public organizations, to review the legislative decisions, laws, policies taken into account in related organizations.
2. Opinion polls data: through distributing opinion polls in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to collect the views of the Palestinian society to conclude the following:

• Perceptions of the public over corruption

• Perceptions of high-rank individuals over the general, political, economical, media sectors.

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