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Strengthening Accountability Networks among Civil Society (SANCUS) Transparency international project funded by the EU

Strengthening Accountability Networks among Civil Society (SANCUS) is a powerful and transformative Transparency International initiative generously supported by the European Union. SANCUS has a resolute mission to enhance the global democratic accountability of public institutions by empowering Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to vigorously advocate for systemic changes that effectively address accountability and anti-corruption deficits.
SANCUS operates by establishing robust networks of CSOs, both within countries and across borders, strategically amplifying the voice of the public and increasing the demand for accountability. These networks form the bedrock of SANCUS' approach, which focuses on two interconnected pillars of accountability. Firstly, through the "vertical lever," SANCUS mobilizes CSOs to exert pressure on specific duty-bearing agencies, such as service providers or ministries, compelling them to embrace higher levels of accountability towards rights holders. Simultaneously, SANCUS employs the "horizontal lever" to exert influence on democratic check-and-balance institutions, including parliaments and audit institutions, urging them to fulfil their mandate of holding duty-bearer agencies accountable and safeguarding the public interest. By harmonizing the power of CSOs and promoting synergy among accountability mechanisms, SANCUS strives to create a formidable force that drives sustainable and tangible change. Through collaborative efforts, SANCUS endeavours to shape a world where transparency, integrity, and responsible governance become the cornerstones of public institutions, ensuring the empowerment and protection of all citizens.
The project implementation phase occurred between 2021 and 2023.


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