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Anti-Corruption Training Program


The Anti-Corruption Training Program (ACT) springs out of AMAN’s mission statement of contributing to good governance through fostering and enhancing integrity and accountability in the political system as well as in all sectors of the Palestinian society. Within this context, AMAN had worked closely with CHF International on designing this program which mainly targets Palestinian youth in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The goal of ACT is to provide Palestinian youth with an understanding of corruption and how to combat it through transparency, accountability, and integrity. Raising the consciousness of the next generation will help ensure that the Palestinian state is based on the rule of law, efficient, and fair. In the short term, the project will empower youth to participate fully in democratic community development and consider the ethics of their own behavior. In the long-term, the project will contribute to building the leadership capacity of youth so that they contribute to a corruption free future.

ACT will present anti-corruption programs through guest speakers, role play debates, contests, and fact-finding trips for high school students; stories and games for summer campers; and a course for university students. ACT will also help in initiating a virtual library at AMAN and launch a pilot print and electronic newsletter. ACT will directly benefit at least 31,202 Palestinians aiming at building a future anti-corruption and equal opportunity atmosphere in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


The project aims at providing Palestinian youth with an understanding of corruption and how to combat it through transparency, accountability, and integrity.


Ø      Teach young people to identify and limit corruption.

Ø      Support civil society by creating secondary, summer camps, and university programs on accountability, transparency, an integrity.

Ø      Build the capacity of the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity AMAN by expanding its public outreach capability.


Ø      Youth’s knowledge about and attitudes towards corruption are improved. Interactive anti- corruption training tools are developed and volunteers are trained to deliver the programs. The program is presented to approximately 25,000 youth age group 14-17 and to 6000 West Bank and Gaza children aged 8-12 attending summer camps.

Ø      Teacher’s abilities in introducing anti-corruption concepts in the learning process are upgraded through training 100 school teachers.

Ø      The capacity of Palestinian universities in developing and offering anti-corruption courses is enhanced through developing a course curriculum.

Ø      Public awareness on corruption, transparency, and accountability is increased and access to anti-corruption resources is improved through the initiation of a specialized virtual library on AMAN’s website and the production of a number of newsletters.


* This Program is implemented in coordination with CHF International