NGOs against corruption

“NGOs against Corruption” is a network of Palestinian NGOs who pledged to join forces in the fight against corruption in the Palestinian society.  The establishment of the network was initiated by the Coalition for Transparency and Accountability- AMAN in the summer of 2007.

The goal of the network is to enhance transparency and accountability in its work and to make it a mandatory practice, hence achieving the long term objective of having corruption free NGO institutions.  The network also aims at promoting awareness in the Palestinian society on the issue of corruption, and become the watchdog for the public sector institutions in hope of achieving a corruption free society.  

In order to become a member of “NGOs against Corruption”, NGOs have to pledge to enforce the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability within their own structures and show a sincere desire to participate in the fight against corruption, be it in the private, public or NGO sector, and by signing the code of conduct at AMAN offices in Ramallah and Gaza.