Network from media for integrity and transparency

Network Identification

The "Media Professionals for Integrity and Accountability" network is a voluntary group of active media professionals who show potential and commitment to work under the network’s umbrella. The network's goals are

  • ensuring that the work of all media is independent
  • enhancing the role of media in promoting and spreading  values of integrity and accountability throughout society
  • encouraging the public’s role in monitoring the performance of the public sector institutions.


A democratic Palestinian society supported by laws and legislations which enforce transparency and accountability as basic requirements for good governance and which are respected and protected in such a manner that allows the public to actively and objectively participate in monitoring the performance of the public sector institutions.

Main Goal

To create an anti-corruption media that confronts corruption and works to prevent its spread in the Palestinian society, especially in the public sector institutions.

Specific objectives

  •  raise public awareness of the importance of free media as a basic right of freedom of expression 
  • build the capacities of journalists and improve their skills in areas such as investigative reporting as an effective means to combat corruption
  • act as an umbrella for the protection of  journalists who work on corruption cases
  • encourage networks with various media means to take part in the fight against corruption by broadcasting/publishing information on corruption that is restricted through other means
  •  form journalist pressure groups that can influence the general public opinion in the fight against corruption through putting pressure on officials to investigate serious corruption cases
  •  lobby for legislations that respect and guarantee the protection of media professionals and ensure freedom of press

Note: For more information, in Arabic only, on the network’s policies, plan of action, membership and structure, please visit our site at the following address: