2014 Activities

AMAN- holds its Annual Transparency Festival and honors the winners of 2014

AMAN- holds its Annual Transparency Festival and honors the winners of 2014










The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity -AMAN- held a celebration commemorating the International Anti-Corruption Day for 2014, and honored the winners . In attendance was a large audience representing official, popular, civil and media institutions.

The president of the board of directors of AMAN, Abdel Qader al Husseini, spoke about AMAN’s achievements such as building partnerships with ministries , local bodies  and civil society. He also mentioned the campaigns carried out in cooperation with partner organizations, entitled “NO to Wasta and favoritism, NO to escape from punishments” , “sexual harassment a corruption crime”, and “Clean hands to fair distribution of aid in Gaza”. Al Husseini affirmed that: “AMAN  cannot accept detention  and prosecution of journalists on grounds of fulfilling their professional obligation”, adding that AMAN signed memorandums of cooperation with Palestine Public Broadcasting Corporation, WAFA news agency and the syndicate of journalists, that compromise training and production programmes.

UsamaAzzam gave a speech on behalf of the Rashid Coalition for Jordanian Integrity and Transparency where he thanked AMAN Coalition for the invitation and for organizing this event. He said that this meeting comes after the publication of the results of indicators of corruption which were disappointing for Arab people as 91% of them got at least 50 indicators. He added that this indicates the importance to dedicate more efforts to eliminate this fatal phenomenon.

He announced during the ceremony the launch of (The civil forum to enhance wise governance in the security sector) which aims to reinforce integrity  and transparency in the performance of the security organization.

During the ceremony, Dr. HananAshrawi, who resigned after chairing AMAN’s board of directors for several years, was honored and recognized for her work. Dr. Ashrawi spoke in the name of the jury panel, saying: “For the 9th year in a row, we meet today like every year to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day to honor the heroes of integrity for their bravery to denounce corruption cases that they witnessed”.

After presenting short films about the winners of integrity awards, their names were announced. From the public sector, there were 2 winners, Mr. MajedAwwad and NazihQibha, who revealed fraud in custom data for imported vehicles. The integrity award for media was shared by Mervet Abu Oaf and Hasan Dohan from Gaza Strip for their two investigative reportages: the first about those who sell transportation machines for people with disabilities and distributing them on unworthy people. The second about lack of censorship by the ministry of agriculture on the use of cancerous pesticide in Gaza Strip.
The award of best research went to Ali Diab for his research on prohibiting access to information in general in Palestine.

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