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AMAN and Al-Maqased Charitable Hospital in Jerusalem sign a memorandum of understanding

AMAN and Al-Maqased Charitable Hospital in Jerusalem sign a memorandum of understanding

The Coalition for accountability and - AMAN signed a memorandum of understanding with Al-Maqased Charitable Hospital .This memorandum aims to review and develop the systems and procedures of administrative and financial work. The signing was attended by Rafiq Al-Husseiny , Director of the Hospital, and Dr. Samia Al-Kurd  , Director of Public Relations in the hospital . From Aman attended  : Azam Abu Al-Suod  , Dr. Firas  Milhem and  Abd  El-Qader  El- Husseiny, members of the General Assembly, in addition to the Executive Director ,Ghada Al-Zghaier ,  and the Director of the Department of Planning , Control and Evaluation ,Maher  Turjuman , where this activity comes within Aman project the institutions of the civil community and the citizen : the forces influencing the response of the state institutions to  accountability which is funded by the EU.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Al-Husseiny , welcomed Aman delegation and expressed his happiness for signing the memorandum with Aman .He represented the achievements in this aspect especially reducing the budget deficit ,raising revenues and reducing spending . Al-Husseiny pointed out that the Hospital will build a station to generate electricity from the solar energy to maintain the sustainable energy which will lead to reduce the high pressure on the Hospital budget as a result of the bills and electricity prices.

For his part, Azam Abu Al-Suod said that the Coalition of AMAN is looking forward to this cooperation with Al –Maqased to participate in enhancing integrity, transparency and accountability and to put the necessary mechanisms to achieve this on the road to building anti-corruption environment. He added that Al- Maqased Hospital, which is a prestigious institution, is the first foundation in Jerusalem that Aman signed a memorandum of cooperation with it expressing the respect that Aman carries for this national institution that serves all the Palestinian people and it was and still is doing its national part in the health sector despite the occupation.

Ghada Al-Zghaier welcomed this cooperation noting that the practical application of the understandings contained in the memorandum with convention and actual will and ownership for the Hospital is the foundation and the most important hoping that other national hospitals in Jerusalem will do the same. Al-Zghaier expressed full readiness at Aman to give all forms of logistical and technical support for the Hospital Administration to translate the items of the memorandum into practical reality among the workers in the Hospital and the citizens receiving its services.

For his part, Abed Al-Qader Al- Husseiny the Head of Jerusalem Network Hospitals, hoped to initiate the rest of the hospitals in Jerusalem to sign memorandum of understanding with Aman to enhance integrity, transparency, accountability and the preventive measures against corruption.

The memorandum of understanding includes that Aman develops a code of conduct for the workers in the Hospital and raises the awareness about it and includes transparent measures in recruitment , purchase , the relation with citizens in addition to a system and a mechanism of receiving complaints from the citizens , provides packing for workers ,develops  their abilities in the aspect of complaints ,control , internal audit and any other things .


This project funded by the EU

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