2018 Activities

Forty young men and women complete the Integrity School Of AMAN and SHAREK

Forty young men and women complete the Integrity School Of AMAN and SHAREK

Ramallah- The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity AMAN, in partnership with Sharek Youth Forum completed the activities of the second group of participants at the Integrity School held under the slogan “participate, monitor, hold accountable”. Around forty young men and women, 18-24 years old, nominated by various grassroots organizations from different Palestinian governorates participated in this event, held for five days at the youth village in Kufr Ni’meh, a village to the west of Ramallah.

The activities at the Integrity School included introducing the young participants to the concept of corruption and its most important causes and consequences. AMAN believes that all citizens, particularly the youth, must engage in fighting all forms of corruption, and learn to resist engaging in any form of corruption, to build a broad popular base against corruption, that actively monitors and holds accountable public performance and affairs. AMAN also seeks to build a resilient culture and values of integrity, transparency and accountability, in an attempt to fill the vacuum resulting from the dysfunction of the Legislative Council.

The youth are the largest group in the society and the group adversely affected the most by corruption, hence the importance of raising their awareness and engaging them in anti-corruption and community accountability efforts. It is also important to consolidate community efforts through rallying the expertise and tools of partner institutions and conducting joint action to effect change at the national level and enhance the control role of partner institutions through introducing integrity and anti-corruption tools to their strategies, action plans, procedures and bylaws. Moreover, the youth engaged in the activities of the Integrity School and similar activities to increase their contribution to anti-corruption efforts, and to further integrity and transparency, enhance leadership, launch community initiatives, and lead lobbying and advocacy campaigns to achieve effective community accountability within their local communities and at the national level at large.

The participants identified and adopted broad issues that influence the youth, which they shall develop for community accountability hearing sessions implemented with the youth from the different regions of the West Bank. They shall utilize their training on the media tools and the social media platforms to achieve the desired goal.