2018 Activities

AMAN competes to reap the European Union Award

AMAN competes to reap the European Union Award

Ramallah – The Coalition for Integrity and Accountability (AMAN) is competing for the European Union’s Civic Tech For Democracy Award for its initiative to use technology and social media to disseminate the values of integrity, transparency and community accountability for best practices in good governance and fostering democracy.

AMAN is running for the Award to represent Palestine at the international level, being an institution with a national local identity and a civil society movement that mobilizes regionally to combat corruption and boost integrity, transparency and accountability in the Palestinian society, especially that AMAN is the only Palestinian organization with full membership in Transparency International.

AMAN is running for the Award using its online campaign (Boost Integrity Block Corruption), which makes targeted use of digital and online channels to increase reporting on cases of corruption and citizens’ rejection of involvement in any form of corruption.

AMAN is calling upon its partners, friends and supporters in the private and public sectors, and invites all citizens to support this effort and boost the status of Palestine and its democratic values internationally. To show your support, please click on the Award Link and vote for AMAN, knowing that the deadline for voting is 31 July 2018. Results will be announced in a ceremony on the International Democracy Day on 18 September in Brussels.

You may vote via the link below;