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The Important Role of Research in Combating Corruption

The Important Role of Research in Combating Corruption

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity - AMAN (gaza) held a meeting to discuss the
importance of enhancing the role of Palestinian researchers in combating corruption according
to AMAN’s goals and strategy.

Ms.Hedaya Shamoun, Monitoring and Studies Coordinator at AMAN – gaza has emphasized
that the researchers have an important role in analyzing the environment of corruption through
research work, to ensure realistic results. Not to mention that the work of the monitoring and
studies unit in documenting the daily activities related to anti-corruption, and to monitor any
positive or negative changes on the ground, and to provide analysis in analyzing such indicators,
pointing out that the unit relies on collecting information from the Advocacy and social
accountability unit as well as the raising awareness unit at AMAN.

Transparent information is the root of accountability

“The Monitoring and Studies Unit is the main reference of information to other units at the
” Mr. Wael Baloushe, Director of AMAN office in Gaza.
Mr. Wael has emphasized that the unit monitors all changes related to the integrity and anticorruption
system, investigating the credibility and accuracy of information collected, in
addition to pointing out missing information to complete all cases in a transparent manner.
Moreover, it serves to prepare reports, studies and work papers that ensure the analysis of
integrity and accountability in the public interest.

The participants have emphasized the need to share experience from different studies
published by AMAN and to continue the preparation of papers on corruption issues in all

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