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AMAN Coalition Demands Establishing a Judicial National Reform Committee

AMAN Coalition Demands Establishing a Judicial National Reform Committee

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN commented on the call for Mr. Abdallah
Ghazlan, Member of the High Judicial Council for investigation, by a decision issued by the VicePresident
of the Supreme Court for publishing his views on the judicial affairs, such issues has
caused difficulty in reforming the judicial council due to the spread of difficulties and personal
interests among the judges themselves, including the appointment and promotion of judges
away from the provisions of the law.

Mr. Majdi Abu Zaid, AMAN’s Executive Director, emphasized that calling Mr. Ghazlan for
investigation represents a negative image of the status quo, confidence of the citizens and
litigants. Such decision violates the Judicial Authority Law in terms of procedures of
investigation, as the law abides that such call is exclusive jurisdiction of the head of the
Supreme Court in office, as well as violating the principle of confidentiality of the investigation
submitted by law.

Moreover, Mr. Majdi has demanded to form a national reform committee for the judiciary
consisting of legal experts, jurists, and representatives of the Bar Association.
Mr. Hisham Al-Hatto, Vice-President of the Supreme Judicial Council, called Mr. Ghazalan for
investigation due to publishing articles which offends the president of the supreme judicial
council, judges and decisions made by the court on the social media.

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