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Accountability over Medical Errors

Accountability over Medical Errors

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN announces to help assist in establishing a
medical system to put an end to medical errors.
Dr. Ahmad Barrak, General Attorney, explained the legal responsibility of the civil, penal and
criminal aspects in the first Palestinian conference over law and medicine, recommending the
need to regulate issues regarding medical errors to improve medical services.

Mr. Majdi Abu Zaid, Executive Director at AMAN Coalition, has emphasized the importance of
developing a legal framework to avoid further victims, and subsequent strikes by the doctors in
the Ministry of Health, pointing out that AMAN has proposed a legal framework for
accountability over medical errors in the year 2013, which was discussed by the Ministry of
Health, emphasizing that AMAN will assist the Ministry in developing the provisions in
cooperation with experts and specialists needed, not to mention that AMAN coalition has been
working on medical errors since 2013, and receiving complaints from the citizens as well. Many
recommendations have been proposed the Minister of Health, Dr. Jawad Awad such as
reforming an investigation committee over medical errors.

In 2015, the coalition sent a letter to Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah, recommending the
need to set an accountability system over medical errors based on public health law, since the
absence of the system has led to the loss of many lives of the citizens and damage to doctors.
The latest efforts by AMAN in regarding this issue, was a letter sent to the Minister of Health to
monitor the developments in the health sector, following the death of the late citizen
Ms.Fa’daa Al-Atrash, emphasizing the need to adopt an accountability system to address the
issues faced by the doctors and citizens regarding this matter. The Ministry of Health
announced the formation of a legal committee over medical issues, but till this moment, no
action has been taken.

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