2017 Activities

Jerusalem Hospitals under Threat

Jerusalem Hospitals under Threat

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN held a discussion session over the
financial circumstances of institutions in Jerusalem, and the accumulated debts by the
Palestinian government for the Al-Motala Hospial and Al-Makassed Hospital estimated in 226
Million Shekels.
Mr.Abdel Qader Husseini, Chairman of AMAN’s Board of Directors, opened the session by
pointing out the need to pay attention to Jerusalem and its institutions, calling to be
accountable towards competent parties for not paying the debts of these two hospitals, which
are in danger of bankruptcy.

Dr. Azmi Al-Shuaibi, Consultant to AMAN’s Board of Directors, presented the procedures for the
medical transfers and the payment of their invoices and audits, and reported that there is an
agreement between the Ministry of Health and Jerusalem Hospitals that the Ministry will pay all
debts within 90 days, but the reality is otherwise. On the other hand, Dr. Shuaibi pointed out
that the Ministry of Finance does not commit to transfer the allocations of the Ministry of
Health as it is submitted in the general budget. Moreover, he addressed the problem of the
health insurance collapse and called for a new health insurance law to establish a
comprehensive and compulsory insurance system for all citizens to achieve community justice.

The participants gathered on a set of measures that would address the problem and avoid such
difficulties in the near future, calling for a meeting with the president to demand decisions to
be issued to solve the problem of the debts of Jerusalem hospitals and to ensure their work in
providing services. They also called upon all members of the legislative council to discuss the
reality in Jerusalem, based on the importance of supporting the work of the Palestinian
institutions in Jerusalem.

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