2017 Activities

Consumer Protection Initiative in Gaza

Consumer Protection Initiative in Gaza

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN in cooperation with civil society organizations held a hearing session with the Ministry of Economy in Gaza to discuss the role of civil society in monitoring the process of enhancing consumer protection and the formation of a committee or a network composed of national and civil institutions aims to promote consumer protection in general. Many representatives from health, agriculture, human rights and media sectors have attended the session, which recommended the formation of a social party to enhance the Palestinian consumer protection, and to active the role of civil society organizations in providing a protective environment for consumers in the absence of the monitoring role, and the spread of food and medicine spoilage, in addition to lack of consumer protection standards.

All attended representatives recommended to raise the awareness of the citizens, in addition to implementing advocacy campaigns to enhance monitoring over traders and suppliers. Mr.Khalil Shaheen, Mr. Fathi Sabbah, and Mr. Tayseer Muhiesin emphasized the need to establish a body to enhance the standards of monitoring consumer protection, and raising the awareness of the citizens as well as the employees working in the agriculture and commercial sectors, from using dangerous insecticide, or the trade of spoiled goods.

AMAN coalition set out the initiative on the Annual Consumer Protection Day, in cooperation with Mr. Salah Hanieh, Head of Consumer Protection coalition, emphasizing that the issue of consumer protection is the number one list to achieve in the Gaza Strip.
The participants have agreed on a number of recommendations, one of which is to appoint AMAN coalition as the secretariat of the initiative in Gaza, to develop reference paper for the objectives and the role of the initiative.

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