2017 Activities

Anti-Corruption Student Projects

Anti-Corruption Student Projects

The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN in cooperation with the Ministry of High
Education announced the launching of student projects in anti-corruption field aims to engage
the students in the Palestinian efforts in combating corruption to enhance the values of
transparency, and integrity among the society to help build a society free of corruption.
A meeting was held in the headquarters of the Ministry of High Education in Gaza, in the
presence of many mentors, and teachers responsible for supervising the preparation and the
implementation of the projects, on certain topics that must be addressed in the initiatives
prepared by the students, in order to submit various proposals relevant to their communities to
achieve an environment based on integrity, transparency and accountability.

It is worth mentioning that AMAN coalition believes in the importance of education as an
effective mean of investing in the young generation, building their capacities and qualifying
them as the leaders of the Palestinian society in the future, increasing their sense of
responsibility and community affiliation. Moreover, the coalition launched a program to spread
the values of integrity, transparency and accountability in the Palestinian public schools under
the title “Education against Corruption” since 2010 to engage ninth graders into the anticorruption
environment, building an educated army of young generation in the face of
corruption, and active in being accountable, in addition to the training manual conducted by
both the Ministry of Education and AMAN coalition to enhance the values of integrity,
transparency and accountability in the student projects.

AMAN has also dealt with private schools, in the late 2016 a competition was announced for
the best morning school broadcast aims to fight corruption.
The program resulted in hundreds of student projects focusing on the values of transparency,
integrity and accountability in community services, use of the public property, and the public
money, revealing the potential of students in collecting, reviewing, and analyzing information
from various sources.

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