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Internal Auditing System No. 11 for the year 2011

Internal Auditing System No. 11 for the year 2011

AMAN Coalition Holds Workshop about

October 26th 2011, Ramallah - The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity- AMAN, concluded a training workshop that targeted heads of the auditing and control departments in the Palestinian Ministries. The training intended to enhance ministries’ systems of integrity, transparency and accountability and introduced an internal auditing system for the year 2011. Twenty five participants representing the internal auditing staff across all ministries attended the training workshop in order to build their auditing capacities and make their internal systems more effective and efficient.

Mr. Nader Salahaat, the director general of internal auditing at the Ministry of Finance, articulated that the training made a significant impact in helping ministries and public institutions apply. The system, helps streamline work flows and regulate procedures, was endorsed by the Cabinet.

The workshop is part of program initiated by the Ministry of Finance to decentralize the internal auditing process in Palestinian ministries and public institutions. Participants were given an overview of the legal aspects of financial auditing and learned about the existing auditing system that regulates ministries and public institutions.

Based on the workshop, Fadel Riba’, Acting Control Director at the Ministry of National Economy, affirmed the importance of the training in help Palestinian institutions regulate and institutionalize auditing work in a way that compliments the government’s building of PA institutions and employees. He also noted the significance of publishing information about the auditing systems in order to improve governmental transparency and accountability and ensure that the government is providing quality services that meet the needs and aspirations of the public.

At the end of the workshop, participants called further workshops and trainings to enhance the capacities of the auditing staff to apply the auditing system and improve the internal control systems that have been established to improve accountability and prevent corruption.