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Security Council Voting Against a Ceasefire in Gaza Represents Political and Moral Corruption and Unveils States’ “fake” Support of Human Rights

Security Council Voting Against a Ceasefire in Gaza Represents Political and Moral Corruption and Unveils States’ “fake” Support of Human Rights

Ramallah/Gaza: The 9th and 10th of December mark the International Day Against Corruption and the International Human Rights Day under flagrant disregard of the impacts of the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip. This aggression is a grave violation of the right to life that fully undermines all international human rights bills. The Coalition for Integrity and Accountability (AMAN) calls on world countries, UN organizations, and civil society organizations concerned with anticorruption and human rights to multiply their efforts to put an end to the Israeli military onslaught on the Gaza Strip, which targets over two million people, who live in the largest prison in our modern day world.

The AMAN Coalition underlines the justice of the Palestinian cause and the right to self-determination for a people occupied for too many years. It expresses its frustration with the failure of international organizations to find a just solution to this cause and reiterates the necessity to put an end to the humanitarian disaster that the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are subjected to.

The AMAN Coalition wars against ongoing selectivity and double-standard in the application of human rights and reminds world governments and peoples that these rights must apply to all. It also emphasizes the strong link between anti-corruption and the realization of SDGs. It particularly underscores SDG 16, which relates to promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.

The AMAN Coalition stresses that the Israeli military aggression, with full support from the US Administration including its veto against the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, is a grave breach of the essence of civil rights, mainly the right to life and the right to bodily safety. It is also a violation fo the social, economic and cultural rights not to mention that it constitutes political and moral corruption and discloses the fake positions of the states vis-à-vis human rights. The AMAN Coalition also underlines the importance of liberating the Security Council from the American veto to enhance its performance and fulfill its role in the protection of international peace and security and human rights.

The weak governance integrity in the Arab states undermines their ability to respond to the demands of their citizens, who claim their rights to participation and the application of the principles of transparency and systems of accountability in the management of public affairs and funds. The claims also include the elimination of poverty and unemployment and achievement of social justice in addition to respect for public rights and freedoms, most importantly human rights and the civic space. This is a signal that corruption has a negative and direct effect on rights, freedoms, and development. 

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