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Statement – The resistance against occupation is legitimate defense not terrorism

Statement – The resistance against occupation is legitimate defense not terrorism

Statement – The resistance against occupation is legitimate defense not terrorism


Transparency International chapters in the Middle East and North Africa, signatories of this statement, are closely observing the legitimate defense operations undertaken by the Palestinian resistance in response to the continued oppressive occupation of Palestinian lands and the apartheid policies of the occupying entity.

While acknowledging the Palestinian people's sufferings due to the brutal occupation and blatant violations of international law, the signatory chapters of Transparency International:


Firstly- Express their unequivocal and unconditional support for the resilient Palestinian people who resist the oppressive occupation and assert their right to self-determination.

Secondly- Denounce the international community's silence on the crimes against humanity that the occupying entity consistently perpetrates against the Palestinian people across all occupied territories. They call on the international community to assume its responsibilities in light of the ongoing aggressions on Palestinian lands and the neglect of Palestine's historical right in its own territory and sovereignty, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Thirdly- Appeal to their respective governments to uphold their duties in protecting the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and to undertake practical measures, especially in light of the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

Fourthly- Remind the international community that the international law, which the occupying entity flouts, legitimizes armed resistance in defense against occupation and the daily killing of children and elderly by occupying forces and settler gangs. They also urge the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to act with the same urgency and rigor as demonstrated during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Fifthly- Demand an immediate end to the siege on the Gaza Strip and all other occupied territories, and a halt to random aggressions against the Palestinian populace.

Lastly- Encourage civil society entities to refrain from any form of affiliation or normalization with the occupying entity and its auxiliaries. Civil society organization must amplify pressures on their governing bodies to counter normalization while aiding the Palestinian aspiration to regain their rights and their sovereign state, with Jerusalem as its capital

We pray for mercy upon the souls of the martyrs of Palestine.



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