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Palestinian Leftist Forces Call Upon the Existing Authority in Gaza to Adopt a Participatory Approach in Preparing and Disclosing Budgets

Palestinian Leftist Forces Call Upon the Existing Authority in Gaza to Adopt a Participatory Approach in Preparing and Disclosing Budgets

Palestinian Leftist Forces Call Upon the Existing Authority in Gaza to Adopt  Participatory Approach in Preparing and Disclosing Budgets


Gaza – The Civil Society Team for Enhancing Public Budget Transparency held a meeting today at AMAN Coalition’s Gaza office. The meeting was attended by leaders from Palestinian leftist parties, who discussed the role of national factions in raising the voice of citizens and defending them. They also stressed the importance of advocating for citizens’ right to access information related to public funds in the Gaza Strip, especially the General Budget, which is considered the cornerstone and expression of economic and social life.

The goal of this meeting was to intensify the lobbying and advocacy efforts exerted by the Civil Society Team in the Gaza Strip, along with transforming the demand for transparency, disclosure, and participatory management of public funds into a societal discourse since this is an inherent civil and political right that the civil society (including NGOs, national factions, and public and private sectors) should enforce gradually. This would enhance the capabilities of official bodies, strengthen the resilience of Palestinian citizens (taxpayers), and preserve their dignity. Under the scourge of occupation, Palestinian citizens are suffering from the effects of siege and division, and their basic needs are unmet amidst the deterioration and mismanagement of public services. 

The Civil Society Team contacted the relevant authorities in the Gaza Strip, requesting them to review the Draft Budget of 2023 and its detailed annexes and Citizen’s Budget. This gives them the opportunity to participate in setting the priorities of budget programs together with competent parties. The Civil Society Team discussed the great role of Palestinian factions in fulfilling its demands for promoting the public interest. These recommendations received widespread support and consensus from leftist party leaders because the management of public funds is pivotal to Palestinian resistance supported by these factions.


The factions agreed with the Civil Society Team regarding the following:


First: The existing authority in the Gaza Strip must expand the circle of popular participation and be more open towards civil society organizations to discuss issues (e.g., General Budget and administration of public funds and affairs) that concern and affect citizens with stakeholders and various societal segments.


Second: The continued policy of closure and withholding general budget-related information creates gaps between the existing authority and citizens and gives the chance to spread rumours regarding the mismanagement of public affairs and funds.


Third: The Government Action Committee’s approval of the Program Budget will support the achievement of developmental programs; direct public resources in a better manner; and improve the management of financial resources. However, the success of this approach largely depends on involving citizens (taxpayers) and civil society organizations in determining national priorities and developmental programs in line with the current stage’s requirements.


Therefore, the national leftist factions call upon the existing authority in the Gaza Strip to do the following:


  1. The Ministry of Finance must commit to publishing general budget documents, especially the detailed budget, Citizen’s Budget, and the closing account.
  2. The Government Action Follow-up Committee in the Gaza Strip should adopt a general policy that guarantees the upholding of citizens’ right to access and obtain information and partner with civil society organizations (CSOs), especially in managing public affairs and funds and the general budget.
  3. To respond to the Civil Society Team’s demands for raising general budget transparency by involving national factions, CSOs, and citizens’ representatives during the discussion of the General Budget Law and the oversight/monitoring of its performance.  This will enhance joint participation in policymaking and determining national priorities, as well as mutually carrying the Gaza Strip’s burdens amidst the significant challenges; poor local resources; and the ongoing siege and aggressions by the Israeli occupation.



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