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15 Palestinian NGOs Earn the Good Governance Certification 2012

15 Palestinian NGOs Earn the Good Governance Certification 2012


With great pride and a lot of gratitude AMAN announces the completion of the NGO-Good Governance Certification (GGC) project for 2012; pride to be the initiator and implementer of such concept; gratitude for all the parties involved, first and foremost the participating NGOs, the supporting NOG representatives from the Palestinian Networks, and last but not least the Foundation for the Future who funded the project.

With the aim of deepening the Palestinian experience in granting the GGC for Palestinian NGOs, AMAN implemented a 20 month pilot project of granting the GGC applied on 15 NGOs who volunteered for the job. This phase comes as continuation and complementary to the pilot project conducted in 2008 on three NGOs.  The project for this phase, however, took on a more developed and sophisticated nature.  To begin with, the project was conducted on partner organization (i.e., organizations that are implementing Anti-Corruption projects with the aim of integrating anti-corruption methods in their daily work. Hence these organizations have been exposed to good governance principles needed to manage NGOs. Needless to say that the NGO Code of Conduct 2008, published, distributed, and adopted by over 500 NGOs, provided them with the same principles required for the purpose.

he 15 NGOs, from the West Bank and Gaza, were chosen from a total of 24 NGOs who underwent a rigorous selection process similar to that required for the GGC project.  At the time, the competition was an open competition for all Palestinian NGOs operating in the West Bank and Gaza and the 24 were selected based on meeting a set of conditions including a proper legal frame work. Implementing the second phase entailed applying a developed evaluation checklist on the 15 Palestinian NGOs with the purpose of delineating areas of strength and weaknesses within each institution with aim of reform.  Based on the evolution results, a specific period of time (coaching period) is allowed for the institution to enhance the good areas, and to remedy the weak ones.  AMAN, in partnership with the particular institution, met to develop a specific comprehensive program, which included (on-site visits, one-on-one guidance, draft specific assisting documents on good governance best practices, and conduct formal training sessions etc.) in order to build the capacity of the institutions.  At the end of the coaching period a second evaluation is conducted to examine the level of improvement achieved as a result of the intervention conducted during the mentioned period, after which, the institution who reached the level of GG practices determined prior to conducting the first evaluation, earns the certification granted by a special committee select for the purpose.

With this in mind, the 15 NGOs displayed full cooperation during the process exemplifying partnership qualities which will be built on to establish the GGC at the national level; a vision shared by most Palestinian stakeholders. All 15 NGOs received a “Participatory GG Certification” distributed at AMAN’s Annual Transparency Festival 2012 attended by over 500 select individuals from all sectors of the Palestinian society as well as the international community.

For more information on the GGC project 2012, please contact Ms. Jamileh Abed at +970-2- 297-4949