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AMAN continues to stress the importance of a law to manage and govern petroleum and fuel sector

AMAN continues to stress the importance of a law to manage and govern petroleum and fuel sector

To improve governance of financial management and public resources in Gaza,

AMAN continues to stress the importance of a law to manage and govern petroleum and fuel sector

Gaza – The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) continued to follow up on the recommendations made in its 2021 report, The Reality of the Values of Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in the Petroleum Sector Management. To regulate functions of the Directorate General of Petroleum (DGP) in Gaza, the report mainly recommends that a law be in place to regulate the petroleum and fuel sector, ensure maintenance of public finances, and contribute to reforming the legal framework for the petroleum sector.

In its letter to the oversight and legal committees of the Gaza-based Palestinian Legislative Council, AMAN emphasised the set of recommendations it had presented in a session with relevant bodies. These were tailored to regulate and promote governance of the petroleum sector. A policy should be adopted to define the role of government agencies in strategic policy making on the management of natural resources, including petroleum, gas, electricity, etc. Plans will be developed and supervised. While other parties are under control, taxes and customs duties will be collected. Procurements and sales will be left for the private sector. The Law on Illicit Gains needs to be applicable to ensure the promotion of an anti-corruption environment in the fuel sector.

Also, AMAN communicated with and provided a briefing note on relevant recommendations to the DGP. Stressing the importance of strengthening its independent operations, the Directorate should develop regulations to govern the working relationship between DGP staff and other stakeholders. The government should not dominate the DGP decision making process. In addition, AMAN highlighted the need for clear criteria for the selection of the DGP Director General. The DGP organisational structure, annual plans, financial statements, and periodic reports will be published on an official website. To realise the principle of transparency and enhance access to information, these should be made available when requested by specialists and civil society. To scale up community accountability, a participatory and cooperative approach will be embraced to engage civil society and media outlets by providing access to reports and exchanging information.

To promote internal oversight, AMAN further stressed the importance of implementing recommendations of the State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau’s report. Measures will be taken to criminalise irregular gas sale points and regulate the licensing of gas stations. Including clearly defined mechanisms and advanced tools, an effective complaint handling system will be created to improve citizens’ access and ability to file complaints to the DGP.

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