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AMAN calls on all parties to honour commitment to hold local elections simultaneously in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

AMAN calls on all parties to honour commitment to hold local elections simultaneously in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Gaza / Ramallah – Holding local elections throughout the Palestinian territory is a national need and key foundation for democracy. Highlighted by the Palestinian Basic Law, elections reflect the principle of separation of powers (the executive, legislative, and judicial authorities). Elections are an important step towards ending the internal Palestinian political divide, consolidating state institutions, reinstating inactive popular accountability, and promoting control over public administration and public financial management.

In December 2021, in partnership with the Roya Association for Capacity Development, AMAN carried out a public opinion poll to explore citizens’ views and attitudes towards holding local elections in the Gaza Strip. According to the opinion poll results, the majority of the respondents (84 percent) were in favour of holding local elections in Gaza. Seventy three percent of those surveyed were prepared and willing to participate in these elections, once organised. A significant majority (71 percent) confirmed their desire for holding local elections simultaneously in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Against this backdrop, AMAN calls on all relevant parties to work diligently towards overcoming any challenges to local elections. These parties should adhere to the following:

  1. Respect the rule of law and abide by the provisions of the Palestinian Basic Law and Elections Law, particularly in relation to holding simultaneous elections throughout Palestinian governorates.
  2. Refrain from any unilateral steps, either in the West Bank or in the Gaza Strip, which might lead to discrimination or infringe on citizens’ right to take part in local elections, including the right to vote and to stand for elections.
  3. Call on all Palestinians to engage in a multilateral national dialogue to overcome all obstacles to and organise local elections in the West Bank and Gaza at the same time. This will ensure valid elections and furnish a fair and equitable opportunity for all citizens to participate, vote, and stand for these elections.