2021 Activity

AMAN delivers Investigative Reporting on Corruption Cases course to the Media Development Centre

AMAN delivers Investigative Reporting on Corruption Cases course to the Media Development Centre

Birzeit – The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) delivered to the Media Development Centre (MDC) at Birzeit University copies of the Investigative Reporting on Corruption Cases course book. Published jointly by AMAN and MDC, the course will be taught at universities and colleges, which offer bachelor and diploma degrees in media and journalism.

The event brought together Hama Zeidan, AMAN Project Manager; Jihad Harb, Senior Researcher at AMAN; Emad al-Asfar, MDC Director; Nibal Thawabteh, MDC Monitoring and Evaluating Coordinator; Saleh Masharqah, MDC Research and Studies Coordinator, course supervisor, and course book editor; and Khaled Saleem, a contributor to the book.

Both parties discussed a plan to roll out the course to partner universities in academic development. The course will be incorporated in the syllabus and dedicated instructors will be assigned. Involving media instructors, an interactive workshop will be held to agree on the best academic techniques and practices to teach this specialised course.

In the meantime, AMAN is visiting partner universities across the West Bank to disseminate the course. AMAN will meet with the chairs of media departments to agree on the delivery and inclusion of the course on university curricula. Addressing students, AMAN experts will be hosted for an open discussion of this journalistic field, which requires that journalists be part and parcel of the integrity and transparency mechanisms in Palestine.

In line with a plan of action initiated by AMAN Gaza Office, AMAN is making preparations for printing and rolling out the course to universities in the Gaza Strip.

Contributors to the course book included Dr. Said Shahin, Hebron University; Dr. Majed Tarban, Al-Aqsa University; Dr. Hasan Abu Hashish, Islamic University; Mohammed Rujoub, a journalist; Saleh Masharqah, Birzeit University; Emad al-Asfar and Khaled Saleem, MDC; Fareed Abu Thuheir, An-Najah University; Khaldoun al-Barghouthi, a journalist; and Dr. Said Abu Mu’alla, Arab American University.

The course book was reviewed by Dr. Nader Salhah, Al-Quds University; Ala’ Ayyash, Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie; Dr. Akram al-Bayyari, Al-Azhar University; and Dr. Mohammed Abu al-Rub, Birzeit University.

The course covers a span of 10 weeks as follows. Week 1: Introduction to Investigative Reporting; Week 2: Integrity System and Anti-Corruption Laws; Week 3: Investigative Reporting and Corruption Cases in Palestine; Week 4: Gaza, Leakages, Whistleblowers, and Witness Protection; Week 5: Building an Argument for Investigative Reports on Corruption Cases; Week 6: Drafting and Editing Investigative Reports on Corruption Cases; Week 7: Sources of Information in Investigative Reports; Week 8: Professional and Ethical Standards of Conduct for Investigative Reporting; Week 9: Using Multimedia and Infographics in Corruption Investigations; and Week 10: Local and International Investigative Reports on Corruption Cases.