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Sharing Successful Experiences with Municipalities…AMAN Signs MoU with Municipal Development & Lending Fund

Sharing Successful Experiences with Municipalities…AMAN Signs MoU with Municipal Development & Lending Fund

The Coalition for Integrity and Accountability- AMAN and the Municipal Fund jointly signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation (MoU).   The signing took place in the presence of Dr. Azmi Shuaibi, AMAN’s Board of Director Advisor; Executive Director, Majdi Abu-Zaid; and Viola Atallah, AMAN’s Coordinator for the Local Government Units, and Tajaweb’s Project Manager. Representing the Fund was Mr. Hazem Qawasmi, General Director, and Nancy Al-Masri, Social Worker Official.

The abovementioned MoU aims to invest in energies, capabilities, and expertise of the parties to better serve the Palestinian local government units and citizens by practicing good governance and adopting the concept of social accountability.  In addition, it aims to enhance cooperation and partnership between the two parties.

The MoU indicated that cooperation will take several forms such as enhancing the integrity environment and combating corruption within the local government units.  In addition, the MoU will facilitate  the exchange of experiences in the field of good governance in the local government units in general through  cooperation of providing related information and reports by each party; the development of  a procedural manual on receiving and follow up of complaints and petitions; implementation of a capacity building program for employees of the local government units on the manual, raising awareness on tools for community participation, cooperation in campaign planning for citizens on submitting complaints and whistle blowing.

Mr. Hazem Qawasmi welcomed AMAN’s delegation as well as the signing of the MoU emphasizing its importance to both parties on grounds that the Fund represents the basic and most important model in supporting the work of the local government units with citizens.

Dr. Azmi Shuaibi also expressed his pleasure in establishing this partnership which will help the local government units to utilize its capabilities and enhance relationships with the citizens. He also pointed out achievements obtained during the past few years in this regard as well as plans for the current and coming year.  He expressed that success is achievable if the local government units possess a true will to build their systems based on integrity and community participation. 

Mr. Majdi Abu-Zaid stressed the importance of sharing AMAN’s experiences in cooperation with the Fund to as many local government units as possible.  He also said it is important that we provide advice and technical assistance in order to enhance the integrity environment as well as transparency and accountability at work.  He pointed out that during the past years AMAN signed more than 30 MoUs with local government units.

It is worth noting that the Municipal Development & Lending Fund is a semi-governmental institution. It was established in 2005 by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to be the main and preferred choice supporting the development and reform process of the local government units. Its establishment constituted part of the PNA’s initiative to achieve effectiveness, reform, and transparency on the road to building an independent Palestinian state. 

The Fund works side by side with the local government units to build capacities of employees and improve the level of performance.  The fund has board of directors consisting of 11 members headed by the Minister of Local Governance.  General assembly members include representatives from related ministries such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development, Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Federation of Palestinian Local Government Units , Engineers Association,  Association of Banks in Palestine, Palestinian Women Research and Documentation Centre,  in addition to heads of two municipalities from the West Bank and Gaza.

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