Current projects

Strengthening the role of Judiciary in anti-corruption project UNDP (SWASYA Program) founded project

The project aims to enhance the role of the relevant judicial authorities in building a National Integrity System and contributing to combat corruption in the Gaza Strip. Building on the strategic partnership with Sawasya II program by the UNDP, AMAN focuses on mainstreaming integrity, transparency, and accountability in the procedures, systems, and plans of the relevant targeted authorities. The project involves collaboration with the High Judiciary Court (HJC), the Judicial Police, the Comptroller General Office, the Ombudsman’s Office, the Ministry of Justice, and the Palestinian Bar Association's workers in key units, including the complaints unit, inspections unit, internal audit unit, and financial and administrative unit.
The project includes capacity building, policy development, and strategic planning to integrate the principles of transparency, integrity, and anti-corruption within the judiciary system.
The project implementation phase occurred between Jan- Sept 2023.
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