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AMAN Coalition Congratulates Tunisia on Whistleblowers Protection Law

AMAN Coalition Congratulates Tunisia on Whistleblowers Protection Law

The Tunisian parliament approved a law on the reporting of corruption and the protection of whistleblowers last week, taking a step towards the will of the official authorities to pursue corruption and protect whistleblowers.

We congratulate Tunisia on this important achievement, which is the bases in the efforts to pursue corruption and encourage the citizens to report corruption, as well as providing protection to whistleblowers. We as Palestinian have been the lead of many countries in preparing law and regulations related to combating corruption and enhancing the integrity, accountability and transparency values in the management of public affairs and the public money, to allow access to information since 2004.”  AMAN Coalition

The Coalition had previously worked on the law to protect whistleblowers in 2008, and was handed to the Anti-Corruption Commission in 2010, but remains to this day without adopting or issue, as well as the National Archives Act which has been set out and sent to the presidency for more than 9 years without being issued till this day.
AMAN coalition appealed to the President to take all measurements to regain its leading position as one of the first arab countries which is concerned over initiating anti-corruption legislation and establishing an independent anti-corruption body, thus forming a model adopted by some Arab countries in preparing and drafting their national law. Moreover, it has called for the adoption of access to information law, national archives act and whistleblowers protection system, in accordance to the signing of the United Nations Convention.

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