2017 Activities

Palestinian Cabinet: A Unified Portal for Social Assistance

Palestinian Cabinet: A Unified Portal for Social Assistance

The CSTPBT supported the decision taken by the Palestinian Cabinet during its weekly session No. (136) on the adoption of the unified portal for social assistance. "The adoption of the unified portal for social assistance and the formation of a steering committee that includes a number of ministries and governmental and non-governmental institutions in order to reach the widest possible coverage of needy and poor families, to prevent duplication of assistance, to achieve justice in distribution and equal opportunity, assistance and coordination at the national level through a comprehensive coordination between all partners of service providers and social assistance “

This decision is coherent with the recommendations of the Social Security Monetary Report recently issued by the CST, which It stated that there is an urgent need to launch the unified portal e-services for monetary and social assistance and to include all aid databases, whether through the Ministry of Social Development or other institutions. In addition to the need to activate the computer link between all relevant institutions to enhance coordination and cooperation among them and to prevent the duplication of assistance.

Demanding the prohibition of the use of the Palestinian market as a backyard for Israeli rotten food
On the other hand, in a letter addressed to the Minister of National Economy, AMAN Coalition called for tightening the supervision and inspection of Israeli food products sold in the Palestinian market, in order to prevent the use of the Palestinian market as a background for corrupt Israeli food and to prevent it being repackaged and sold to the Palestinian citizen.
This came after the increase in the crimes of corruption in food and medicine, and what constitutes a great danger to the Palestinian consumer, and intensifying the pressure of the Palestinian public opinion towards reducing this phenomenon.
AMAN coalition called for the need to tighten the punishment on traders who prove their involvement in this crime by withdrawing their licenses and preventing them from trade, and the dissemination of the names of corrupt products that are being seized and source, in order to preserve the health of the citizen and their lives and the right to return those corrupt products and replace them according to Article 7.6 of the Consumer Protection Law No. 21 of 2005.

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