Transparency & Integrity in Public Sectors

Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Private Funds

Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Private Funds

Integrity, transparency and accountability are the fundamental basis for reducing opportunities of corruption and retention
Public funds from misuse, on the other hand, they also create an enabling environment for public investment to achieve development and justice. In this context, social and institutional monitoring in implementing the rules of integrity, transparency and accountabillity in the work of private funds to increase the level of service provided. Therefore, a legal framework must be established to ensure intergrity and transparency in private funds. 

The report recommends the following:

1. Establishing a general regulating law for private funds. 

2. Establising a law for Palestinian Investment Fund. 

3. Establishing a law for Municipal development and lending fund. 

4. Preparation of code of conducts. 

5. Setting mechanisms for reporting corruption in the operational leglislations of funds. 

6. Separation of positions between the Director General or Chief Executive Officer of the Fund and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

8. Engage the public and related parties in the preparation of the action plans of private funds, through holding meetings to share knowledge, and suggestions. 


The report is available in Arabic only.


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