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 ACTION, an ambitious multi-country project which will run until the end of 2013 in the MENA region. The title behind the acronym, Addressing Corruption Through Information and Organised Networking, encapsulates the goals of the project, which will focus on maximising the potential that online communication and contemporary knowledge sharing methods offer for strengthening governance in the region.
The participating countries, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine and Yemen. are obliged by Article 10 of the Convention to ensure access to public information and transparency in administration.
The project was designed before the Arab Spring woke up the world. But it foresaw the dynamic potential of online communication and knowledge sharing that the revolutions revealed.
The project will focus on bringing the knowledge of young activists into the field of access to information and maximising the innovations that they can offer, through participatory seminars and knowledge sharing sessions.
At the same time, the program will also work with young journalists to empower their role as public watchdogs. Legal and technical training will help them to exercise their right to access to information and enable the protection of confidential date or private sources.




3 Years


Transparency International

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USD $168,000